The Curbing Process

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Step 1:
The ground is prepped by removing the grass line.
Step 2:
The curbing mixture is shoveled into the curb machine creating a formed extruded curb. An 1/8" steel cable is extruded throughout the middle of the curb creating a more durable product.
Step 3:
Extra concrete is added to fill in the gap where the curb machine can not extrude.
Step 4:
The entirety of the curbing is smoothed by hand.
Step 5:
Extra loose concrete is removed from the front of the curbing.
Step 6:
Texture, hand-crafted stamps of your choosing, and accent color antiquing is applied to the curbing.
Step 7:
The cleanup process will always include picking up excess concrete in front of the curb and pulling mulch to the back of the curb (if mulch is in beds).
Step 8:
Two coats of sealer are applied, making the curbing process complete.