Decorative Concrete Curbing Comes to Murfreesboro

I started Middle Tennessee State University in August of 2000. It was at this point that I started my education in Concrete Management. Being from Louisville, Kentucky, I was aware of decorative concrete curbing but had never given much thought to its process. When back in Louisville for breaks, I would make extra money working with a curbing company. There, decorative concrete curbing had already taken off. One of my classes at MTSU required me to start a "make believe" business. It required research, a full business plan, and a ten year outlook. Plain gray mowers-edge curbing had been a passing fad at one point Murfreesboro. Upon talking to a lady who had the plain gray curbing installed at her home in Murfreesboro, she offered to let me experiment with decorative concrete curbing to replace her old curbing. It was in the middle of this project and this particular job that creating a concrete curbing company stopped being "make believe" to me. I realized that I could be creative, work outdoors, and add beauty to homes with decorative concrete curbing. I had long fallen in love with Murfreesboro and not too long after, my wife. In 2002, the birth plan of The Curbing Edge, LLC started. I must say, I owe a lot of thanks to Louisville for the introduction, MTSU for challenging me, that nice lady to taking a gamble, and to God paving this path.

The Curbing Edge, LLC is truly my first child and the "original" concrete curbing company of Murfreesboro.

- Troy Harp